Welcome to The VIP Corner TV Talk Show!
Live "On Air" Interviews on the NEW TV Talk Show - called "The VIP Corner" where everyone is VIP. Why,... because we care! In our eyes, everyone is very important, and filled with amazing Gifts, Dreams and Talent that the world has seen and/or has yet to see!! Our Very Important Live Studio Aundience AND our Very Important "In Studio Guest" can share their amazing stories, as we Spotlight them on our show.
The Vision is to Empower people forward with a Mission of helping others in the process. We will also cover some interesting "Did you know" topics such as:
  • Breaking News, Celebrity Topics, Community Spotlights, Health & Welness, Community Events, Upcoming Entertainment News or Events, and So many more Informative, Inspiring, and Empowering information from all around the Globe!
  • Our Show will bring heart warming topics and many Awesome Guests that will uplift, encourage, and inspire others Nationally and Internationally. We Invite YOU to take this journey with us....it will be an incredible experience, plus a VIP treatment that you will never forget.- with your Host - J. Nichole Jones and Co- host Howard Sapp.

Stay Tuned for the new TV talk show called the VIP Corner, AND please do connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Subscribe to our YOUTube Channel!