Host: J. Nichole Jones Quotes

  • “by the age of seven, I already knew God equipped me with the skills needed to survive circumstances in my life and speak to thousands of people while assisting them to transform their lives as well. These early skills to survive has prepared me for many events that would continue to challenge myself and shape me into practicing what I myself preach. I have had some of the best and worst days of my life, and near death experiences. However my ability to stay driven, outthink the unthinkable, and never give up has created a platform allowing me to share my story, and inspire others along the way. I accepted that I had a purpose and I was a VIP. Yes, that’s me. This has led to me teaching others they are VIP to through a healthy, wealthy wise approach. What we think, we begin to speak, what we speak we begin to believe, and once we believe it, there is no limit to it becoming our reality”!
  • Host: J. Nichole Jones, MBA
    Motivational Speaker /Author/ Recording Aritst
    Executive Leadership Coach/Radio&TV Host

    An Author, Radio “On Air” Personality, Inspirational Artist, and Mentor who teaches people all over the world how to turn their dream(s) into a reality through motivational speaking and empowerment! Founder of VIP Fortune 500 Consulting Firm and creator of VIP that’s Me Conferences/Events. And The VIP Corner TV Talk Show.

    Juliet Nichole Jones had become an inspiration for so many by sharing her story and captivating audiences on purpose driven tips and the 5 Secrets to Success! Additionally, having shared the stage with other National Inspirational Speakers such as the 2017 Leadercast Event sponsored by Suaison, Annual HACC College and Messiah College Business Forum, "The VIP Thats Me " - Annual Empowerment Events, as well as sharing the stage with Leroy Allen, Richard Patenaude, and Shailan Mandayam, J. Nichole Jones captivated her audience with her ability to explore some difficult topics, through transparency, honesty, warmth, and added humor. J. Nichole Jones is a thought provoking – leader, and story teller with her ability to connect with, and inspire her audience to take charge of their lives, and their business! She believes people are very important (hence "VIP") with a dream, calling and a purpose.

    She empowers others to realize their worth and potentials they didn’t know existed or never dreamed they could reach! After a life filled with an amazing journey of her own from jobless to Executive Leadership and owning her own business , J. Nichole Jones, teaches you how to Master 5 Secrets to enjoy a work life balance and how to be successful in every area of your life. She doesn’t just speak at an event - she engages the audience, and challenges them to step outside of their comfort zones. Success is what YOU make it - J. Nichole Jones' success is benchmarked by the many lives that are inspired, and transformed by her personal story and limitless efforts to overcome obstacles or road blocks that hinder success by implementing the 5 secrets that she shares with the audience, and in her newest set to release book titled "Tired of being Tired". J. Nichole Jones shares this in every powerful and live speaking engagement. Her favorite saying is “you don’t have to be Great to get started, but you have to get started to be Great”!

    Co-Host: Howard Sapp

    Howard Sapp, a Florida native (Ft. Myers) now resides in Leesburg, VA with his wife (Faye) and daughter (Ashlee).

    Howard, a gifted, talented, and award winning gospel artist that began singing at the age of 5 with his brother and sister in a family group called the Sapp Trio. As he grew, Howard’s musical gifts and talents allowed him to travel extensively nationally and internationally singing and speaking about the love of Jesus Christ to audiences of every race, color, ethnicity and the like.

    Howard’s inviting and engaging presence and contagious energy brings excitement in from of the camera as he speaks to audiences large and small with a personal and caring presentation. He has been the featured guest on radio and television talk shows across the country that has allowed him a national platform to share his heart.

    As a business owner/entrepreneur, Howard has worked with many organizations on national causes through his non-profit organization that has helped many individuals and families affected by the hurricanes and other natural disasters.

    Howard's love for music keeps him busy as a gospel artist, songwriter/producer. Now working on his new project, Howard is excited to see what his next season holds in store.